What is U-Marketplace?

U-Marketplace is the teaching hub for U-Economy. We believe that everyone has something to teach. You can easily create courses, attract students and generate compensation for showing others what you know.

Be the coolest one you know!

I’m sure you can see that the world is shifting to a mobile society and the global economy is shifting almost daily. Those that don’t adapt will have their goals and dreams ravaged by the winds of economic and political change. We’re moving from a commuter workplace society where your income is based on the job and work done where you live, to a global, mobile workforce.

Join the U-Crew and be part of the digital revolution.

Changing the Working Culture Around the Globe

Here at U-Economy we’re starting a revolution of independence. We believe that anyone can now “become their own economy”. We have various systems, methodologies and avenues for you to become self-sufficient.

Yes! You can do it, we have already shown thousands of people like you the easy way to break out.


Share What You Know

Everyone has a talent someone else will to pay to learn. Contribute your unique skills and experience to the $300 billion digital learning market and get paid for your expertise.


Create Landing Pages

You can use our U-Crew system to create portals and landing pages as well as our contact manager systems to attract and manage your students. We make it simple and easy. Just point and click or drag and drop!


Use Our Turn-key U-Courses

Don’t think you have something to teach? That’s no problem. Our done-for-you courses are a great way to get started in the digital e-learning space. Just pick a course and get paid as you market it!

Our Services

Share Your Knowledge

Create your own video, audio or simple text-only courses using state of the art software. Our "click and create" system uses the latest technology to keep your course for maximum learning.

Leverage Someone Else's

Don't have the time or skills to create your own content just yet? No problem! We have an extensive library of done-for-you courses ready to sell. Simply drive traffic to your site and you can start selling from day one!

Simple Drop and Drag

Our quick and easy to learn drop and drag software will have pages in no time at all. No coding experience needed. Simple for beginners but packed with powerful tools for any skill level!

The U-Economy is yours for the taking. Are you ready to claim it?

Engage your skills and talents. You know you want to…


Plus $49.95 monthly



Plus $49.95 monthly



Plus $49.95 monthly



Plus $49.95 monthly