U-Economy offers a rich variety of income streams

allowing you to earn as you learn.

By simply referring others to the U-Economy story and vision, you set in motion a rewarding process that is much greater than any monetary benefit -- you get to change and impact the lives of others on a global scale.

Education is the great equalizer anywhere in the world, raising the worthy from the depths of poverty and oppression. It doesn't matter the country, creed, sex or social standing, the U-Economy dream of empowerment spans the world.

U-Economy offers three types of income.

We call it the three "L's": Leverage, Legacy and Lifestyle

Leveraged income is for any hardworking person. Members can get started on even a small budget and participate regardless of their current income or business experience. We have our Basic courses starting at under $100, with a hefty referral commission to the member for each life they touch who decides to join.

Lifestyle income is our mid- and high-ticket product offerings that can change anyone's life in an instant! Starting from a few thousand dollars and higher, members earn life-changing commissions.

Legacy income is our U-Core, U-Fit and U-Wealth products, as well as future products that pay you commissions as your impact expands, which can be both locally and globally. Through monthly residuals, you get paid continually and take advantage of the added compounding of commissions as your group matures.

Our Leveraged and Lifestyle income streams also have enhanced affiliate commissions as a bonus for assisting your team members to get started and grow their business. The second sale becomes a bonus and a power line of income that can drill down in depth and expand your income through systematic duplication.

The U-Economy affiliate system is designed for everyone:

* It is for experienced marketers who would like a hands-on approach and who have the time and desire to dive in and actively participate in the generation of commissions from beginning to completion.

* It is also for those who have limited skills who would like to learn and earn at the same time.

* It is also for those who have limited time to effectively work the entire process.

For those who choose to take advantage of our "done-for-you" services, we can provide virtually everything needed for them, from traffic generation for reasonable fees, to our U-Pro's who will follow up on the leads and traffic generated all the way through the sales process, and the member will share in the revenue generated.

It's Revolutionary and it Works.