Hi ,

Firstly we would like to welcome all our new Members and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
2016 is already looking like being a fantastic year for UE/IYL especially with what we have in the pipeline to be announced in January.

SocialUE News…

The winners of the November ‘Get Paid to Socialize’ competition were as follows…

1st Prize $100: David Twoomey
2nd Prize $50: Kim Schwartz
3rd Prize $25: Russell Wiskar
4th Prize $25: Wendy Stenberg Tendys

Also, the highest SocialUE Bonus Pool amount per share to date was achieved last month with $25.66 per share paid out. (You don’t get this posting on Facebook!)

The December competition is running and you still have time to qualify for either the Doubled up Prize Draws and Extra Plasmotekk Pendant draw or Bonus Pool.

Improve Your Lifestyle News…

Everyone involved in IYL needs to ‘engage’ in the corporate update calls or listen to the recording within 48hrs / visit the IYL Private Group in SocialUE so they don’t miss out if their name is announced as having the opportunity to be ‘fast tracked’ from the 101 line to the 301 line. They must then submit the required support ticket to confirm their wish to be fast tracked.

Note that fast tracking on every update call isn’t guaranteed as it depends on activity in the lines and happens when the formula reaches a specific point. In a nutshell the more people joining IYL the faster the lines move and more fast track positions are announced!

Update Meeting Recordings…

Corporate Update Calls are archived in SocialUE the following day. Simply login to SocialUE, go to the top Green Navigation Bar > Updates> Corp Update Recordings 2015 (shortly to be archived under Corp Update Recordings 2016)

Next Corporate Update Call 2016…

Thursday 7th January 4.00pm US Eastern 9.00 pm UK

Conference Room Link: http://anymeeting.com/ueconomy

This will be a great call; we will be announcing our plans for 2016 and also new products!

Once again, have a great Christmas and New Year and we look forward to seeing you on the calls and in SocialUE!


Team UE